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Where your deepest questions are answered

An experience that transforms your soul and enlightens your life.

A space where we encourage your questions of life, a space where checking those life boxes may no longer feel purposeful, a space where we give you permission to ask the question

‘what do I really want for my life?’ 


We have found ourselves on the edge of that question over and over again, God directing us to the place of our highest power and happiness but not fully listening to His guidance along the way. We have cultivated our lives to allow this question to be a part of our journey. To create an intentional space that we can over and over go back to hear the answer.  


And now we are sharing that with you. 




Our Upcoming Experiences

What can you expect from a Journey Experience? Whether you are coming to an event in LA or are embarking on one of our uniquely curated exotic retreats, we will take you on a fun, adventurous and transformative journey within while indulging in the luxury
of the mind, body, and soul.


On every experience, you will step into your life calling and leave deeper in purpose as you visit the most magical places around the world. 

Through a combination of powerful workshop sessions,  adventurous activities,  and luxurious accommodations each Journey Retreat brings the transformative experiences of biblical references to life.

Together, we will begin our journey into transformation,  purpose, abundance and rest. Together we will hear from God and shift in a new and powerful way.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Playa del Carmen is the #1 destination in Mexico! Imagine being drifted off to a place away from the busy scene of Cancun and engulfed by white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and a laid back bohemian vibe. 

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Manuel Antonio has consistently been one of the top destinations in the Americas to travel! The small town, named for its eponymous national park, is located on Costa Rica’s, hurricane-free, central Pacific coast. 


Dear Journeyers,

Journey was born from experiencing our own pain turn to power, from asking ourselves the deep questions about the lives we were desperate to create. We both have been through transformative times that called us to grow closer in relationship with God to bring us to our highest potential. 

While there were so many moments we knew He was calling us to make different decisions, we continued on thinking we knew, until God so graciously placed us in situations where we had to confront some of our biggest fears and disappointments. 

 Our journey, however, was given to us in order for us to be able to facilitate your journey. We use the heartache that comes with questioning your life and create revelations that provide you the opportunity to transform. 

So take our hands, be courageous and let us lead you home.

xo El & Britney


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