"Rise up, take courage, and do it" Ezra 10:4

We are deeply humbled and so grateful to the women who have had the courage to say yes to experiencing the impact that Journey Retreats has had on their lives.
Here are a few of their stories.

My favorite day was day one when we started our retreat with our hike to Big Buddha and I remember them relating our hike to life. 


“In life sometimes we are going to slip, sometimes we are going to stumble, sometimes you are going to need a break. We have to get up and keep going."      - El


It was a great reminder for me in my own journey and I just wanted to get to the top and be proud that I made it through. 

Cierra L, Los Angeles, CA

Day three’s activity was powerful in a way that I didn’t expect it to be. I knew that I would get something from it, but I didn’t realize that it would hit my heart so hard. 


During the workshop, we learned that the pivotal moment for Jacob in Genesis 35:2 was the act of cleansing himself and changing his clothes. It’s one thing to hear it, but it’s another thing to actually experience it. Being submerged into the water I literally felt the release of the false idols and lies I had told myself before being washed away. It’s like I came up a new person!

Marissa E, Dallas, TX

The overall retreat was amazing, but what really stood out to me was learning to build an altar. 


“Everybody should have a dedicated place where they can go before God. A place where you can be alone and transparent and vulnerable before Him. For me, it’s my shower. It’s where I can praise and worship and lay my cares before Him. But most importantly, it’s where I can crucify my flesh and offer up my sacrifice.” - El


The act of building altars on the beach the last day inspired me to go back and dedicate a place in my own home. My altar now is my shower too. 

Lex W, Detroit, MI

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